*NEW OPTION* Cancellations and Deals



Subscribers - It inevitably happen.  Your rental property is booked but something comes up and suddenly, your renter has to cancel and now you're looking on short notice to fill a vacancy.  Perhaps we're approaching a time where you have a vacancy and wish to offer a special discounted rental rate.....Now, you can call attention to these Cancellation notices and Special deals and put your home on a page where renters can more easily find this opportunity!

To request that your rental property be displayed on this special cancellations and deals page, simply send an email to the Administrator including your property listing ID number.  We'll add your listing to this special page for 2 weeks as a special service to our subscriber at NO ADDITIONAL COST  (other sites charge for this function).


The requirements are simple:

1. Any cancellation or deal being advertised should be for dates within the next 3 months

2.  Your availability calender must show openings for the Vacancy period.

3.  Announce your cancellation or deal in either the Listing title, the Short or Long Description.  A cancellation or deal must be announced.some place in the listing.

4.  If re-booked, update your listing and please notify the Administration to remove the listing from this special page.


We are very happy to provide this additional free service for our subscribers and potential renters to help respond to short notice vacancy and rental needs.



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