1. Al & Rita

    Spent a whole month looking for a March rental with no luck. Contacted Our Villages Rental and the nice man helped us secure a place to stay directly with the homeowner. What a wonderful service, and hoping the rental we got will be a place to return year after year! Cheers

  2. Carol H.

    OVR, just wanted to let you know that we have sold our home in Osceola Hills at Soaring Eagle. Therefore, I will no longer need your service. May I just say how excellent this website has been for us! Let me know if there's anything else I need to do.

  3. S. Hoppe (CA)

    Just have to say "Thank you" to the homeowners who responded. We found our 2018 rental and book Jan-April. We also talked to Matt and he was great help telling us about the different areas and home styles. We look forward to our 2018 Winter in The Villages and are excited to see what all our friends are talking about.

  4. Tom R.

    Found our rental fast for 2017! This site is awesome, and I am glad that these ads are updated because other local sites just have alot of outdated crap on them. I inquired on 15 homes on that other site and DIDN'T GET A RESPONSE FROM ANY IN 2 DAYS! And before you ask, YES the ads showed available for February and March. Please do yourself a favor and use this website! **From Administrator Tom and Cassy, thank you for such a kind review. We do encourage our subscribers to maintain their listings so they DO NOT frustrate users. Our thought is that just because something is bigger, its not always the better. Our Villages Rental interacts with our subscribers rather than just taking lots of their money and giving nothing in return! Cheers

  5. Tamera S.

    Just have to say that this is a FANTASTIC resource if you are looking for a rental in The Villages Fl. Even spoke with the manager of the website to ask about a rental and he was very courteous and helpful.

  6. James K.

    Best website I have found. After searching and receiving NO RESPONSES to my requests, we located a January rental on Our Villages Rental after only 30 minutes! Thank you for such a wonderful website

  7. J.T. Dawkins

    Rented 2017 with eaze. Thank you to who those that created this site. IT IS FANTASTIC and the easiest to use! JT from Idaho

  8. Joyce Ferreiro

    This is a fantastic source of business. The staff is very friendly and helpful and I have received many inquiries from my ad. I highly recommend Our Village Rentals.

  9. Grace

    I only listed my home here on July 17, and just book my first renter. Very Happy!

  10. Tamera McDonnell

    Just have to say that this is a fantastic site. Found our rental with the help of the administrator. I would highly recommend looking here FIRST for a great rental.

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