Renting in "The Villages®" - An overview for newbies!

We love The Villages, Florida! 

That being said, there are many considerations for first time prospective renters. My wife and I purchased our first home here in TV in 2008, and several years before we intended to retire here.  Upon purchasing our first home (a Courtyard Villa) we knew that we needed to offset the cost of this home by renting our property.  In 2008, there were fewer homes, less rentals etc. than today in 2017 however the basic needs for rentals has increased along with the resident population. Here are some things that may help you understand this area specific rental market. The following information pertains to monthly rentals, not long term!

Availability / Pricing

As "The Villages®" is still growing, there are more and more rental homes available to rent.  Finding one is not a problem however, do yourself a favor and ALWAYS talk with the owner/agent about a property!  Digital communication is great, but you will find more about a person by talking to them (this goes for homeowners and prospective tenants)! 

  • Peak season (Jan-March normally) property owners may require multiple month bookings. The reason for this is that every time a renter vacates a home, we must clean it, fix any issues and get it ready for the next tenant. If you are looking for a single month in the peak season, watch for cancellations or properties that are new to the rental market. These owners are sometimes willing to break peak months up rather than requiring multiple months. Expect to pay between $2500.00 to $4000.00+ per month in the peak season, but remember that these prices are set by the homeowner! Negotiate! October, November and April, May are some of the best months in Florida and can save you $$ compared to peak months!
  • Book early! Many peak season renters book a year in advance. Make sure if you do this that you get good documentation of your upcoming reservation from the owner/agent!
  • Off season, the key is negotiation.  If a property owner wants weekly or bi-weekly rentals you will find that in the listing information.  Please remember that a motel or hotel locally will cost you at least $89 night, so don't expect to pay less than that.  Many homeowners will book short term stays at around $100 night for a home. Staying in a home is (IMHO) far better than any hotel room!  Here on Our Villages Rental, we encourage property owners to list and maintain their rates, however DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL a homeowner if you are interested in renting.  Our listings also show minimum booking days (i.e. week, bi-weekly or monthly).

Our little furry friends!

Anyone who has ever visited The Villages® knows that the area is very pet friendly!  Again, that being said, many homeowner properties are NOT PET FRIENDLY.  Be sure to look at the listing information and see if they are PET OK, or PET CONSIDERED.  When talking to the owner/agent be sure to discuss this with them.

Number of persons in your party!

Most rentals indicate that they rent to a maximum of two (2) persons.  If you have more than two (2) people in your party that will be staying there, be sure to disclose this to the owner/agent!  Many properties will allow for more than two (2) persons, however there may be additional costs, cleaning fee etc.  Just disclose your plans and ask!  Homeowner also understand (most of the time) that during a month+ stay, you may have visitors overnight!  Again, be sure to ask what is acceptable to the owner/agent.

Be responsible and respectful!

This goes both directions!  I would like to say that common sense should be enough, but it is not in the rental business.  Remember that you are a quest in someone else home, so treat it with greater respect than you do your own.  We (or our representative friend) always checked our renters in/out.  We prided ourselves on having a clean, safe rental every time we greeted our guests and NEVER (since 2008) had an issue that was not immediately resolve. Good communication is the best answer to almost any answer.

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